Hi, I’m Wendy, pleased to meet you! Originally from Scotland, I live in the Netherlands with my husband and son from Zimbabwe. My aim as a certified MBSR teacher is to promote wellbeing, help reduce stress and allow everyone to live their best life, with a kind and gentle attitude. Mindfulness has brought such a positive difference to my life, I’m inspired to use my knowledge to share this wonderful skill. After 20 years serving the international community as Senior Lecturer for UNESCO, it felt natural to make the move from English teacher to mindfulness trainer. Combining my rich teaching experience with my love of mindfulness is a priviledge and hugely rewarding. One of the things I love about mindfulness is the fundamental premise that we are already whole — we don’t need to try to get better, we just need to learn how to uncover what is already there and accept ourselves as we really are.

Events van Wendy Sturrock

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